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Best Cabinets for You!

Our custom designs are made to fit your space, and cabinets are finished in the exact way you wish. You can get a design with a unique look, and has excellent quality. From unique kitchens, to various smaller cabinets, we can design and install what you need.

Who Makes Cabinets?

The best kitchen cabinets for your kitchen project are those that meet your needs for function, style and budget. They may not be the same as the ones your neighbor or your sister-in-law installed, as those people have different needs; nor are they necessarily, the ones promoted in the latest shelter magazines or internet ads. You'll need to research what's available to you and the pros and cons compared to your own situation, before you can decide.

There are several factors to consider when you're trying to decide which are the best kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, whether you're building a new home or remodelling an existing kitchen.

Here are some different factors to consider:

DIY - build them yourself from scratch

RTA (ready-to-assemble) are cabinets that you buy in flat pack form, and build yourself using the parts and instructions supplied. They are not usually very hard to build, but if you're outfitting an entire kitchen with them it can be quite time consuming. Quality varies, as does price. Availability is usually instant: you go to the store, pick them up and take them home.

Stock Cabinets are pre-built by the manufacturer and delivered from stock in a warehouse. They are built in a limited number of sizes, so you may not be able to fill every inch of possible space in your kitchen

Semi-custom Cabinets are manufactured to order, and come in a much wider range of sizes than stock cabs, but are not made exactly to fit your individual kitchen space.

Custom Cabinets are exactly that - made to fit your exact space, and finished in the exact way you wish. You can get a unique look, excellent quality, and exact fit. Everything depends on the quality of your cabinetmaker's work, though, so be careful choosing who you want to do the job!
It sometimes happens that getting a small local shop to build custom cabinets for your works out cheaper than buying semi-custom cabs from a manufacturer, so don't assume that custom is automatically out of your price range.

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