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The beauty & professional look
of the finished kitchen can best be accomplished by a custom built kitchen with no make-work fillers...
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A proper installation will complete
a well design and built kitchen..
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Step 1 - Design Step

unique design advantage

A home reflects your personality and family needs. A house plan and kitchen design is the guide to create this reflection. Professional and detailed planning of your home and kitchen makes your dream a practical and affordable reality.

"Where do we begin?" is the most commonly asked question. This depends on your situation. For example: Are you building a new home or remodeling your existing home?

The first thing with a new home is to design a house plan and have the designer or architect draw up the plan. It is very important that you do not start building your house until you have a detailed kitchen design complete. For example: window placement in the wrong area can limit your kitchen design options. Also, planned placement of electrical lighting and plumbing outlets in a detailed kitchen design gives trades people specific directions so as not to further limit your kitchen design options.

REMODELING? Come and see us first!
We can help you with your design, not only with your kitchen, but the design of your house as well. A truly functional kitchen can only be designed with the rest of your house in mind. The kitchen design should accommodate and fit in with the rest of your house. This may require removing walls to make more space. We can design the floor plans and provide guidance throughout your project. Our skilled designer's expertise and vision for your home will come together to build a blueprint for your finished home and kitchen.

We take pride in creating unique designs. Your kitchen design will be exclusive to you.

Once we are ready to build your kitchen you will choose the wood product for your cabinets. There are several types of woods, color stains and counter tops to choose from. The color you paint you walls, and the type of flooring you select will all have a bearing on your choice of cabinet type and counter top design. The finishing touches are the expression of your taste. Creating the environment you desire will require consideration of the effects of color, texture and balance. Assistance in this area can be provided from rightathomeredesigns.com

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